Why clean the circuits in refrigeration units?

Nettogaz GC+

The effective operation of a refrigeration system is dependent upon the internal cleanliness of its circuit.

Impurities present in the circuit, whether they be water, solder residues or solid contaminants such as metal oxides, can cause system failures.

Many causes of contamination can be encountered, the most common include:

  • Compressor "burn out" in hermetic or semi-hermetic units.
  • The presence of water in the system.
  • Lubricant deterioration.
  • Acid formation.
  • Build-up of oxides and metal oxides around the soldered and brazed parts performed without evacuating the oxygen contained in the pipes using an inert gas.




Cleaning is required:

  • before putting a new installation into service,
  • following system failure having led to the contamination of the circuit in an installation in service.

The Climalife R&D Department thus developed Nettogaz GC+, a mixture that does not affect the ozone layer and without fluorinated greenhouse gases. It is designed for the internal cleaning of refrigerated circuits in compliance with current regulations.


Nettogaz GC+ is the ideal solution for the internal cleaning of small volume refrigeration and air conditioning systems (for industrial applications see Facilisolv®).


  • It is easy to use thanks to the Climalife formulation and specific nitrogen pressurised cylinder that gives it physical-chemical properties and a use that is perfectly suitable for this application.
  • It is instantly effective: its cleaning power is linear and its Kauri Butanol index greater than 80 allows us to confirm its high performance in eliminating impurities from circuits.
  • It is completely safe and reliable: the product is non-flammable, non-toxic and does not contain fluorinated greenhouse gases or dangerous products.

See the Nettogaz GC+ technical data sheet