Voiles du froid 2015: a friendly and sporting 23rd event in the sunshine!

The unmissable "Voiles du Froid" sailing event took place from 5 to 7 June this year in the sunny waters of the Mediterranean. 19 teams from all over Europe were there to hoist their sails and set a course for Ile des Embiez.











This event brought together more than 150 refrigeration, air conditioning and heating professionals and took place in a warm and sporting atmosphere.
 In the summer heat of a Friday afternoon, the sailors savoured the breeze that would carry them to Paul Ricard's island. The first two regattas, Snefcca and Exxon Mobil, revealed a panorama of different landscapes: from the military feel of the Toulon coastline to the rugged charms of Sicié cape. The valiant team from IDS Froid – Paris 1 took the first leg (Snefcca), closely followed by Rolesco and ITE. The second leg (Exxon Mobil) was won by the Dutch sportsmen from Gasco.

At the end of this first day of sport, the sailors set anchor on the coast of Ile des Embiez for a peaceful and colourful sunset. Tradition dictates that on Friday night, everyone shares a little of their cuisine – a simple demonstration of getting to know each other better, with participants sampling others' native produce.

On Saturday morning, the race began again with the Honeywell and GEA legs. Although the wind blew timidly, the teams were more than capable of casting off and sailing. Paris 1 took the lead once again during the Honeywell regatta, and the Bordeaux 3 vessel took the GEA regatta.

After lunch at the mooring, they wasted no time in hitting the water before the Assurfroid dry land regatta. With Paul Ricard's island in sight, the teams met the challenge with selfies, and it was the Nantes vessel that won the race to P'tit Jaune, closely followed by Bordeaux 2 and Paris 1. For the Climalife reception, participants took a break to share a pleasant soft summer evening outdoors, enjoying a dynamic and eclectic concert.

By Sunday morning, it was already time to bid farewell to Embiez and return to La Seyne-sur-Mer and begin the final Climalife leg. With a slightly more benevolent wind, the sailors flexed their muscles and sharpened their reactions once more. It was the Dutch Gasco vessel that took the final leg, followed by Rolesco in 2nd and the Centre boat in 3rd place.

Participants bid their fond farewells at a cocktail party held at La Seyne-sur-Mer port.
This year, the Voiles du Froid Trophy has returned to its native country, won by the Parisian IDS Froid boat.

The 23rd event is already over, but sunny memories of friendliness and sportsmanship remain.

Climalife would like to offer its warmest thanks to event sponsors Assurfroid, Clima+confort, Eurovent Certification Company, Exxon Mobil, Gea Heat Exchangers, Honeywell, ITE, RPF and Snefcca, as well as all the participants for their contribution in making this wonderful event a success.

Snefcca regatta

1. Paris 1 (IDS Froid)

2. Rolesco

3. ITE


Exxon Mobil regatta

1. Gasco NL

2. Rolesco

3. Centre

Honeywell regatta

1. Paris 1 (IDS Froid)

2. Centre

3. Bordeaux 3 (Froid Clim 33)

GEA regatta

1. Bordeaux 3 (Froid Clim 33)

2. France

3. Paris 1 (IDS Froid)

Assurfroid regatta

1. Nantes

2. Bordeaux 2

3. Paris 1 ( IDS Froid)

Climalife regatta

1. Gasco NL

2. Rolesco

3. Centre

Overall ranking:1st Paris 1 (IDS Froid) – 2nd Rolesco – 3rd Centre