The new issue of the Climalife catalogue is available!

Inside, find out about our new products and services for industrial, commercial, residential and service sector markets:

- The 4th generation of refrigerants: HFO,

- The cleaning solution to remove blockages from solar systems: SolRnett,

- The new natural and sustainable alternative to tradtional heat transfer fluids of -55°C to +200°C : Greenway®,

- The range of HQ POE oils for refrigerant compressors, 

- And many other references.


regularatory information in the small orange icon featured on the ,

tables giving Climalife's recommendations for the different applications at the beginning of each product range ,

tabs, for direct and rapid access to the information you need.

A tool available to everyone:

The catalogue is a comprehensive tool provided to our European customers.  It is available in four languages:  French, English, German and Dutch.  Feel free to contact your local representative for more information on the product references and services available.

Unlimited access:

The catalogue is available in several formats for your every convenience:
- In printed form, in all four languages,
As a free download from the website in its full version.