The mobile app F-Gas Solutions


F-Gas Solutions" is a smartphone application developed by Climalife for professionals in the fields of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and renewable energy. It offers simple and user-friendly assistance in dealing with the new European regulation 517/2014 or "F-Gas II"



It is an essential everyday tool which tells you:


  • the refrigerants available on the market depending on your application (air conditioning, heat pump, commercial cooling, etc.) and the type of equipment,
  • the dates at which certain refrigerants will be prohibited in the various applications,
  • the value in CO2 equivalent tonnes for the refrigerants in your systems,
  • the correct GWP value for the refrigerants you use,
  • the leak detection frequency for your installations.




→ How to get the app?
• Go to the App Store or Google Play and search for: “F-Gas Solutions.”
• When this logo appears, start the download.
• Downloading the application and using it are FREE.