The future cleaners are there ! Discover the new Frionett® range !

External cleaning of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment

If you regularly clean and disinfect your equipment :

  • it will improve its performance
  • it will prevent bacterial contamination
  • it will prevent the development of bad odours
  • it will polong its life.

Why should you choose the new Frionett® range ?


Our new Frionett® formula, resulting from the Research and development of the Dehon group, was designed to optimise the heat transfer capability of the heat exchangers as well as their performance.

With a selection of only 3 products, Frionett® Power, Frionett® Activ', Frionett® Contact, you can cover the whole of your needs concerning cleaning, disinfecting, prevention and deodorising requirement and this for all your applications (air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, hospitals, professional kitchens,...).

The engineers in charge of the development of the formula, created an "all surfaces" range : steel, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, tiles, glass,... whilst preserving its incredible effectiveness and complying with the European regulations into force.

All 3 products are complementary


Don't hesitate, try them now !

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