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Newsletter - 25 noiembrie 2008

Climalife, more online services

Use our demo website do discover the advantages of "my customer account" online service :

  • Optimise packaging with real-time inventories to optimise your cylinder stocks
  • Track the consumption of refrigerant and heat transfer fluids
  • Download the information in an Excel file,...

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Know your current installations' condition by regularly using the Climalife analyses

Climalife analyses are used by professionals :

  • When taking installations in for maintenance to know their internal condition;
  • To carry out preventive maintenance;
  • To detect anomalies during corrective maintenance;
  • When providing expert information during litigation;

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New direction for the Dutch industry association for refrigeration and climate control systems

It is generally known that the Netherlands has been at the forefront in the field of emissions and leak-tightness of refrigeration systems for some time. STEK certification for refrigeration companies was introduced over 10 years ago....

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