Summer is on the way, so think about cleaning your AC systems! “Voiles du Froid” regatta: the countdown has begun! Greenway Solar and De Dietrich heat a ports complex using solar power!

Greenway Solar and De Dietrich heat a ports complex using solar power!

Since May 2011, De Dietrich has turned to Greenway® Solar for all its collective solar facilities because of its capacity to hold the high temperatures obtained during the summer periods and to prevent the accelerated degradation that occurs when a monopropylene glycol fluid is used.
Greenway® Solar expands and deteriorates 4 times less at 150° C, allowing De Dietrich to set up facilities with lower maintenance costs and which are much more resistant to the high stresses they undergo.
A guarantee of quality and performance for its customers and a pledge of confi dence for Climalife!

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ACITEST UNIPRO, the universal analysis method for refrigeration oils
For refrigeration oil acidity tests under annual or periodic maintenance: the assurance of immediately finding out on-site whether your installation is in good shape.

Lubrication is one of the main factors in the smooth running and service life of an installation...

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5 questions to Mr. Gérard Abidh about external cleaning of thermal systems
1) First of all, explain why maintenance and cleaning are crucial operations.
Gérard Abidh: Clogging of finned evaporators and condensers causes power problems, as well as hygiene and health risks. There are many cleaning products on the market: solvents, aqueous, biocides, fungicides and bactericides...

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  Voiles du Froid

"Voiles du Froid" regatta: the countdown has begun
In 2 days' time, 25 crews will set sail from the coast of Hyères Les Palmiers to meet up in the evening on the fabulous island of Porquerolles.

The sun seems to be on course to light up this friendly sporting challenge between the players in the world of refrigeration and air conditioning. However, we won't hold a grudge against it if it doesn't appear; above all we are counting on you and the winds to take up this challenge!!!

Climalife and its partners Assurfroid, Clima+confort, Eurovent Certification Company, Gea Heat Exchangers, Exxon Mobil, Honeywell, HRS, ITE, RPF and Snefcca extend their welcome to all the European sailors involved in this 20th edition.

« A Dieu vat' !»