Spring cleaning? Don't forget to clean our air conditioners! We're counting on you!


At a time when we are all seeking to make energy savings, it is essential to properly maintain climate control systems.  Helping your clients to save energy and promoting your skills are two important issues.


Regular maintenance allows you to optimise the energy yield and prolong the lifespan of your installations.


The  Frionett range can meet all your cleaning requirements.


For body casings and external units in general, a universal alkaline cleaning product such as Frionett Power is specially adapted to act as a detergent and remove grease.

For indoor units (wall-mounted, consoles/ceiling-mounted), CTA batteries etc, Frionett Activ' is just the ticket.  It's a cleaning disinfectant that kills bacteria and fungus.  Available in ready-to-use format or concentrated, as required by the surface to be cleaned.

Find all our cleaning tips for your climate control installations in our technical instructions.