R-22 phase-out : retrofit or new system ?

R-22 phase-out in the chiller market: Retrofit or new installation - that is the question

In France alone, approx. 17,000 tons of R-22 are still used in existing refrigeration and a/c installations. The European bank of HCFCs is even estimated to be around 130,000 tons.

And from next year on, the use of virgin R-22 will be forbidden...

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4 July 2009 : certification requirement

Article 5, paragraph 4 of the European Regulation 842/2006 specifies: «By July 4 2009, Member States shall ensure that the companies involved in carrying out the activities provided for in Articles 3 and 4 shall only take delivery of fluorinated greenhouse gases where their relevant personnel hold the certificates mentioned in paragraph 2 of this Article.»

This measure relates to all companies...


REACH: ECHA published a candidate list very high concern substances

Since October 28th 2008, the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) published on the website a list of 15 Substances Very High Concern (SVHC) taking part to the authorization process.

This candidate list, specify in article the 59.1 of REACH regulation, identifies ...

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Duonett D7: the ecological descaler

Discover Duonett D7, a liquid product that has been specifically formulated and developed to dissolve scale and the various deposits that can block heating circuits, heat exchangers and domestic or industrial piping systems and circuits.

  • Duonett D7 is fully biodegradable and emits no smoke, or toxic or harmful vapours.
  • Duonett D7 can be used with no risk on common materials such as copper, steel, stainless steel, glass or plastic.
  • Duonett D7 is also completely safe for the user.

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