360° CO2 offer from Climalife

With the introduction of F-Gas II and the quota system, players in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry should not delay the integration of new fluids into their development plans.


For facility owners, one of the solutions to regulatory pressure can be the installation of new equipment operating with a very low GWP fluid.


Therefore, CO2 (R-744); one of the oldest refrigerants, has « come back to the fore » and is increasing its market share.


With a GWP of 1, CO2 (R-744) can meet the needs of commercial refrigeration.  The number of hypermarkets and supermarkets using CO2 is growing rapidly in Europe and around the world. Equipment manufacturers claim they have CO2 solutions that can be used across large, medium and most recently, very small commercial systems; whatever the climate conditions.

18 apr. 2019