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With the new F-Gas II regulation coming into force on 1st January 2015 the industry is becoming increasingly aware of the need to shift towards lower GWP refrigerants.
So far, this shift has been fairly gradual but over the next 2-3 years it will need to move much more quickly, as the phase-down in quota starts to have an impact on both availability and price of the higher GWP refrigerants.
Climalife Phasedown of HFCs in CO2 equivalent tonnes compared to a baseline of 2009-2012 averate
Phase down of HFCs in CO2 equivalent Tonnes compared to a baseline of 2009-2012 average


Climalife have available a range of lower GWP solutions that can offer similar performance characteristics and more energy efficiencies to refrigerants such as R-404A and R-134a.
These include new HydroFluoroOlefin (HFO) based Blends, such as Opteon®XP10 (R-513A), Opteon®XP40 (R-449A) and Opteon®XP44 (R-452A), Solstice®N13 (R-450A) and Solstice®N40 (R-448A), which between them are suited to stationary refrigeration and chiller units, medium and low temperature refrigeration applications and refrigerated transport and complemented by Performax™ LT (R-407F) for medium and low temperature refrigeration applications.

Solstice®1234ze is an energy-efficient alternative to R-134a for chiller applications in new equipment. This refrigerant has a GWP of <1 according to the IPCC 5th Assessment and offers comparable performance to R-134a in new equipment.

Climalife also stock R-32 which is starting to be used in some small air conditioning systems and has a GWP of 675. Ammonia and CO2 also form part of the range of low GWP solutions together with a selection of inhibited secondary heat transfer fluids. Also available from Climalife is Solstice®1234yf; the refrigerant of choice for new automotive vehicles coming to market with a GWP of <1 (IPCC 5th Assessment).

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Climalife Contact 6 F-Gas Article
Climalife has previously published an article on F-Gas in its’ Contact magazine with useful timelines.
To view the magazine, click the link below.

Climalife have many years’ experience helping customers to understand and comply with all the nuances of the F-Gas regulations and offer a range of options suitable for a broad spectrum of applications.

For tailored advice on the best product for your project, please contact us on 0117 980 2520 or climalife.uk@climalife.dehon.com .

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Waste Management from Climalife
Waste management from Climalife

Our waste management service for recovered refrigerant also means we are well positioned to supply reclaimed refrigerant which meets the same quality standard as virgin product.
When quota reductions start to have an impact on availability of virgin HFCs, we expect reclaim to play a part in meeting the quota (especially those with a GWP >2500).