Life without HCFCs

Life Without HCFC's

In a recent ACR Today magazine article our Peter Dinnage looked at Life Without HCFCs. The full article can be seen here.

IDS Climalife have provided solutions to many of their customers helping them resolve their HCFC supply issues. These can equally be adapted to provide solutions to others;

These include;

The use of direct replacement refrigerants from the DuPont ISCEON 9 series refrigerants such as ISCEON MO29 (R422D) or ISCEON MO59 (R417A). Many of our customers have carried out successful conversions by retrofitting HCFC systems to these and other replacements. IDS offer technical assistance and advice on what to use and where.

Regenerated HCFC's: IDS can supply re-processed or re-generated product back to ARI standard as the product can be used for topping up if a conversion is not a practical option.

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IDS Promote CPI Solest Oils

IDS Climalife have launched a money off promotion on the CPI range of oils, including the Solest POE oils and the Grasso approved CP-1009-68 Ammonia oil.
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