Leonidas opts for Forane® 427A to replace R-22


Leonidas opts for Forane® 427A to replace R-22

   Leonidas, the world-famous Belgian chocolateer, has converted the refrigeration

   unit in the final tunnel of its chocolate production line to Forane® 427A.

   Last March, following the breakdown of its refrigeration system....

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Thermera, high energy efficiency using an organic
  Heat Transfer Fluid

   A logistic centre with an indirect refrigeration system

   Goes Handlingcentre situated in De Meern (Holland) expanded its air conditioned
  warehouses used for fruit storage.  When the centre was in the planning and design
   phase, a system had to be selected that would best meet existing requirements.  
   The contractor proposed a plant running with the betain based heat transfer fluid


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Cold Climate Adventure Challenge


Adventure in St Rémy sur Durolle (France)

Over 100 refrigeration and air conditioning professionals will be participating in this 9th Challenge edition...


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