Leak detection / Gas detectors: how can F-Gas II obligations be met?






Leak detection / Gas detectors
Leak detection is one of the main changes since 1st January 2015 that has affected equipment owners, service engineers and installation technicians.

Already required under F-Gas I for systems with a load of more than 300 kg, fixed gas detectors are now mandatory under the revised F-Gas regulation (EU 517/2014, known as F-Gas II, articles 4) and 5) for systems with a load of more than 500 tC02-eq.

The Murco range of fixed detectors offers solutions for all refrigerants. Equipped with 1 to 6 sensors and 1 or 2 alarm thresholds, they have an audible and visual alarm, and enable compliance with the regulations.

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Performax® LT / R-404A : a life-size confirmation of achievable energy savings
Les Salaisons du Mâconnais, directed by the Fouilloux Family since 1919, is located in the centre of the village of Pierreclos, in the Saône-et-Loire department. Specialising in dry sausages, the company produces 4,500 tons annually primarily for supermarkets and superstores (+80%), in particular under distributor brands. The IFS* Certified plant, which employs 120 people and occupies an area of 16,000 m2 was recently expanded by 1,500 m2, in which an 8,200 m3 low temperature (LT) cold room was installed.

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Synthetic lubricants for refrigeration output in the future

The importance of refrigeration to meet the global requirements of the food chain, health care sectors or even the automotive industry has never been so great.

Environmental concerns, upheld in particular by the Montreal and Kyoto protocols, have led to a change of technology in terms of refrigerants for refrigeration output by compression, which has had an impact on the choice of lubricants.

Gilles Delafargue, an expert in customer technical support for Europe, Africa & the Middle East at ExxonMobil, explained to us how synthetic lubricants can respond to changes in refrigeration output by compression and improve the energy efficiency of installations.

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