LDT is outsourcing its fluid recovery operations



For an assignment involving waste and asbestos removal from a working office building, the company LDT called upon Climalife as a service provider for the drainage of air conditioning and heating systems.

LDT - La Démolition Technique based at Montreuil sous bois (93) - performs asbestos removal, waste removal, demolition, decommissioning and dismantling at sites with major restrictions, particularly sensitive and very urban sites. The office building located at Coudray Monceau (91) has three floors containing staff from the local conurbation town council.

Against a background of non-structural demolition, LDT is responsible for waste and asbestos removal in this working building. After an in-depth analysis of the on-site waste.  M. Daniel Nogueira, Project Manger at LDT, entrusted Climalife with R-22 refrigerant and MEG glycol water (Monoethylene Glycol) recovery operations due to its expertise in the area. 


"The environmental issues are at the very core of our activities" explains Daniel Nogueira. "Before even starting the work, we list all the waste and put in place a means of disposal and traceability right up to the recycling stage, which means employing the services of authorised and certified service providers."



A two-stage operation


The packaging and equipment required for the operation was supplied that morning and was taken away in the evening, no waste remains at the site. Normal activity continues inside the offices while the installation is drained.

Two Climalife technicians manage the site. Draining the glycol water is performed at several points: on the roof for most of the MEG and on the ground floor for each convector fan in order to ensure all the coolant is recovered. A total volume of 2m3 can easily be recovered using a specific high-speed pump connected via a long hose to 1000 litre containers positioned outside the building.

At the same time, the refrigeration units located on the flat roof of the building are drained and most of the R-22 is recovered in the gaseous phase. The installation having been switched off a long time before the operation. 300 kg of refrigerant was recovered in the designated 27 litre bottles. In compliance with the regulatory requirements for traceability and non-discharge into the atmosphere, all the fluid from the system is transported to the site at Bry sur Marne for processing with a BSD (Waste Tracking Document) by type of recovered fluid. 
The waste and asbestos removal operations were carried out by LTD after this.


Company: LDT - La Démolition Technique
Activity: Decommissioning - Demolition - Waste removal - Dismantling- Asbestos removal.
Location: Montreuil sous bois (93) - France
Date established: 1993
Personnel: 20