Know your current installations’ condition by regularly using the Climalife analyses

Climalife analyses are used by professionals :
- When taking installations in for maintenance to know their internal condition;
- To carry out preventive maintenance;
- To detect anomalies during corrective maintenance;
-  When providing expert information during litigation;


Oil analyses

Lubrication is one of the principal factors in ensuring that installation operates correctly. Carrying out an analysis is the only way to determine the level of quality of a lubricant within the framework of preventive or corrective maintenance.  The pollution of oil is the reflection of anomalies at the level of the installation and the compressor. The interpretation of the results informs you of the general condition of the installation and the compressor.


Heat transfer fluids analyses

The analyses of the secondary refrigerant fluids/ heat transfer fluids make it possible to perform "a health check-up" on your installation at the level of heat transfer fluids, to check the protection against the freezing of an installation (important before the winter) and against corrosion, they also give an indication on the aging of the circuit by detecting the presence of worn out elements.
In certain cases, the analysis can also make it possible to identify the base of the heat transfer fluid contained in the installation (MEG/MPG).


Fluid analyses

The analyses of refrigerant fluids enable you not only to check the contamination of the fluid in the installation, but also its acidity or its water content. This is very useful for maintenance; the analyses enable you to implement real prevention in order to avoid breakdowns.


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