In need of lubricants?

In need of lubricants?

Galco-Climalife supplier of refrigeration products has carefully selected a wide portfolio of well reputed brands of lubricants in a wide range of viscosity grades and packaging sizes. Our offer includes CPI, Suniso, Bitzer, Emkarate, Mobil, Shell, and Total...

All our lubricants have been approved by the compressor manufacturers and are divided in 3 categories:

  • Mineral oils (ex: Suniso GS)
  • Semi-synthetic oils (ex: Shell Clavus SD 2212, mix of min. oils and AKB).
  • Synthetic oils Alkyl benzenes (ex: Mobil Zerice S), Polyalkylglycols (ex: CPI CP 412 series), Polyalphaolefines (ex : CPI CP 4624 series) and Polyolesters (ex : CPI Solest series ...)
Also available in  our range: Vacuum Pump Oil.


Available packaging types ranging from 250 ml cans up to 205 L drums.
Oils for use in very low temperatures applications, in ammonia charged installations and with new generation refrigerants.

 The choice of a good lubricant is essential for the performance and longevity of a refrigeration system. This critical selection depends on the system type, the refrigerant used and the type of application. Galco-Climalife is able to offer you:

  • Technical assistance in selecting the correct lubricant for your particular application or to
    retrofit your installation.
  • Tests of acidity, rapid tests on site to control pH
  • Analysis of oils, to prevent problems on installation


 All our lubricants are available from stock and can be supplied worldwide .

As your supplier, we can offer you the unique possibility to combine your need in refrigerant gasses with the correct choice of lubricants, and this in the same shipment. As such, we offer you a complete refrigeration solution.

 Galco-Climalife: Your best choice as supplier for Refrigerant gases, Heat Transfer Fluid, Cleaning solutions, Equipment , Analyses and Engineering support.

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