HCFC R-22 : producers announce new price increases for Europe

It seems that the announced price increases for January 2009 are the result of the high costs of raw material that enters into the production of hydrochlorofluorocarbon refrigerants.

Indeed, emphasises producer Honeywell Fluorine Products Europe B.V. «Despite a global softening of commodity prices, raw materials for fluorocarbon production are still at an unprecedented levels ».

These major price increases are also confirmed by Gonzalo Alonso, Sales Manager Dupont Refrigerants for Europe, the Middle East and Africa «the limited availability and subsequently high pricing of hydrofluoric acid and fluorspar have made an increase of current prices inevitable».

Refrigerant producers Arkema, Dupont Fluorochemicals, Honeywell Fluorine Products Europe B.V., Ineos Fluor and Solvay Fluor declare that price increases will amount to 10% to 20 %.

Press releases concerning the announced price increases can be found on the following producer's websites :

Dupont Fluorochemicals

Honeywell Fluorine

Ineos Fluor

Solvay Fluor