Greenway Solar®, the heat transfer fluid with high thermal stability,wins the grand prize for environmental quality at interclima






















On the occasion of the interclima + elec international trade fair for construction and energy efficiency in buildings, organised in conjunction with idéo bain and BATIMAT, Climalife entered its new Greenway® Solar -30°C heat transfer fluid in the innovation competition for systems using renewable energy.
Success! Climalife takes the grand prize for Environmental Quality!

Greenway® Solar -30°C is a ready-to-use heat transfer fluid based on 1.3-Propanediol (Bio-PDOTM) and organic long-duration corrosion inhibitors.

The raw material used is 1.3-Propanediol (Bio-PDOTM), which is produced by fermentation of natural, 99.7% purified glucose syrup. Greenway® Solar's environmental footprint is reduced by 40% in terms of CO2 emissions and energy use compared with a traditional mono propylene glycol heat transfer fluid (oil industry product).

The Greenway® Solar formula is borax-free in compliance with European Directive 2005/58/CE of 15/09/2008, and contains organic corrosion inhibitors developed by the Climalife Research and Development department. These organic inhibitors are placed only on the areas subject to corrosion by creating a molecular film, resulting in the optimisation of heat transfer, unlike mineral inhibitors traditionally used, which form a film. The inhibitor does not react chemically, does not degrade over time and gives long-term anti-corrosion protection.

Innovation rewarded!

Greenway® Solar is particularly suitable for sanitary hot water production in thermal solar systems at medium temperatures (panels) and high temperature (vacuum tubes).

The high thermal stability of Greenway® Solar is one of its innovative characteristics for application in thermal solar systems. Professionals usually encounter problems related to degradation of the heat transfer fluid during periods of uncontrollable stagnation due to seasonal shutdown. This raises serious thermal issues which result in the formation of viscous deposits in the solar sensors (tarring or caramelisation of the heat transfer fluid). Such damage leads to a decrease in the yield of the solar panels.

Greenway® Solar provides protection against periods of stagnation, avoids the "tarring" of systems and gives installations a longer working life. At over 150 °C for 150 hours, Greenway® Solar degrades three times more slowly than a traditional 50% concentrated solution of mono propylene glycol, thus maintaining the level of performance required and established by the manufacturers.

Greenway® Solar -30°C is approved by the French Ministry for health (ANSES) for thermal processing in simple exchange systems for water intended for human consumption.

Greenway® Solar -30°C is the result of a technical collaboration between Climalife and Dupont Tate & Lyle, manufacturer of the raw material Bio-PDOTM. The contribution by DuPont Tate & Lyle of the technical characteristics of this new plant-based raw material has allowed Climalife to add its expertise to its application and to develop a specific formula that meets the needs of our business sector.

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