Follow the Greenway® Neo : A renewed and complete range of plant-based secondary refrigerant / heat transfer fluids



Climalife, a leading specialist in the formulation of heat transfer fluids for more than 30 years, is strongly committed to solutions from plant resources.


Greenway® Neo : a technological and environmentally friendly alternative!


The Climalife R&D department has developed and patented this new formula Greenway® Neo for use across a range of applications including refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pumps, central heating, thermal solar energy and sprinklers. Climalife's objective is to offer a reliable and effective technical alternative to traditional mono propylene glycol (MPG)-based fluids. 

The Greenway® Neo secondary refrigerants / heat transfer fluids are formulated based on 1,3-Propanediol (Bio-PDO TM), the raw material used and produced by fermentation of natural 99.7% purified glucose syrup, and long-lasting organic corrosion inhibitors. The Greenway® Neo formula continues to be borax-free in compliance with European Directive 2005/58/EC dated 15/09/2008.


In compliance with the ISO 11930 international standard, Greenway® Neo is bacteriostatic*; this anti-microbial protection prevents bacteria proliferation in thermal facilities.


The new range of Greenway® Neo is approved on the A list from the French General Health Department for heat treatment by single water exchange intended for human consumption as defined by ANSES and also approved by Belgaqua, the Belgian Professional Federation for the water sector, according to the standard NBN-EN 1717 as a fluid category 3.


Greenway® Neo : a global offer for thermal system specialists!


- Greenway® Neo : is a concentrated heat transfer fluid for refrigeration, air conditioning, and fire extinguishing system circuits, as well as under-floor heating/cooling circuits.

Advantage : a lower viscosity than that of Mono-Propylene Glycol which is traditionally used for this type of application.


- Greenway® Neo Solar -25°C : : is a ready-to-use heat transfer fluid particularly suitable for sanitary hot water production in solar thermal systems for medium temperatures panels and high temperature vacuum tubes.

Advantage : low degradability in a circuit slows its ageing, providing protection against periods of stagnation, avoiding "tarring" of collectors and systems, and giving installations a longer working life.


- Greenway® Neo Heat Pump -25 °C : is a ready-to-use heat transfer fluid particularly suitable for geothermal ground source and air source Air/Water heat pump systems.

Advantage : a reduced risk of polluting the ground in the event of a system leak.

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*Tests performed using a minimum concentration of 30% volume.