F-Gas review: the first stage / Discover HQ POE: the new range of Climalife lubricants / Voiles du Froid 2013: now open for registrations! / Climalife Contact 4: now available


F-Gas review : the first stage 

On 7th November, the European Commission published its plan to revise European Regulation 842/2006, otherwise known as F-Gas.  This text relates to fluorinated gases and proposes a certain number of future measures for refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and renewable energy professionals, particularly the phase-down of HFCs.

In this plan, the Commission in effect proposes a reduction in the quantity of HFCs put on the market from 2015, to achieve a significant reduction of 79% by 2030.

In parallel, restrictions on the use of HFCs in new equipment is planned...

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Climalife Contact N°4 is now available!

In this latest issue you can find out all about HFOs and 4th generation fluids.  See also the latest case studies produced with Greenway Solar, the new heat transfer fluid produced from a renewable plant-based source.  Also included is a case study featuring Performax LT, the replacement for R-404A.  The issue also features a life-cycle analysis of heat transfer fluids, for your information.

Ask your representative for a copy today!

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Voiles du Froid 2013 : now open for registrations!

Back to where it all started...20 years later, Voiles du Froid returns to Brittany's largest island:  Belle-lle en Mer.

Crews from all over Europe will assemble on 7th, 8th and 9th June 2013 at  Port Haliguen to sail monohulls to Belle-lle en Mer, to take part in this friendly sporting event set in a beautiful location.  This refrigeration and air conditioning event, brought to you by Climalife, is one not to be missed!  Contact us to register for more information...

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Climalife develops and launches its own range of refrigeration lubricants

Building on our experience of refrigerants since 1847, Climalife has along the way also acquired expertise in the field of lubricants for refrigeration compressors.  Based on the importance of lubricants in a system, Climalife is launching its own brand of high quality HQ POE lubricants to meet the needs of our customers.
The quality

The HQ POE lubricant range are synthetic and polyolester based lubricants for refrigerant compressors that work with HFC and HFO refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
The properties of HQ POE provide excellent protection of the working parts against deterioration, and the oils are suitable for use across a wide range of temperatures. 

To select the iso grade compatible with your system, refer to the recommendations of the compressor manufacturer.

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