Discover our technical report on leak detection - New case study on Performax LT: new micro-channel technology from HK refrigeration.






Optimised retrofit to Performax LT (R407F) in combination with a condenser using micro-channel technology from HK REFRIGERATION.
As part of the expansion of the Leclerc hypermarket in Querqueville, France, Gouville Froid SAS was entrusted with the design of the refrigeration system as part of a renovation project.

Founded in 1980 by Mr. J. M. Gouville, the company has continued to grow and provide its customers with a local, quality service. Now run by Stéphane Gouville, the company operates four branches in Lower Normandy and employs 56 technicians.

In the project analysis phase, it was quickly determined that the refrigeration system would soon need to be replaced as it operated using R-22, R-502 and R-404A refrigerants.

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Leakage reduction can benefit the environment more than any other technology
A recent report presenting the energy performance and environmental impact of recently installed refrigeration systems in a large retail chain showed that embracing a leak reduction strategy, combined with the replacement of R404A by R407F did improve the refrigeration systems global environmental impact more than any other technology, taking into account the better energy efficiency and the GWP reduction.

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With Duonett ® D7, preserve heat exchange and the sustainability of central heating installations!
Descaling is a key operation for preserving heat exchange and the sustainability of central heating installations (3 mm of scale acts as unwanted "insulation" and can cost up to 20% more in primary energy).

Traditionally, however, descaling implies major safety restrictions.

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Learn all about leak detection

Depending on the size of system, the amount of refrigerant used to top up existing systems is between 0.5 and 20%.

The absence of leaks in a circuit is critically important in a refrigeration system and each system may experience different problems depending on use. 

Studies have clearly shown that certain refrigerants have an impact on the ozone layer. As a result, virgin CFCs and HCFCs have been banned. Only reclaimed HCFCs can be used in Europe and this is only until 31/12/2014.

Although HFCs and HFOs have a zero ODP and a lower GWP than their predecessors, a system's annual leak rate remains a major issue. Leaks not only have environmental effects, but also an economic effect on the life of a system. Leak detection is covered in the F-Gas Regulation.

What may cause a refrigerant leak? 

- Vibration.
- Expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperature and pressure.
- Equipment wear.
- Poor choice of components.
- Poor quality checks.
- Accidents.
- Joints.
- Transfers.
- Repair work on the badly managed circuit.