Climalife launches the Hungarian version of its website

Climalife, the European leader in refrigerant fluids and part of the Dehon group, launched in March 2009 alongside the French, English, German and Dutch languages the new Hungarian language website.

Climalife Hungary (Frigogáz Ltd.) has taken a big step by creating its own Hungarian language website inside the Climalife official webpage, confirming that the Hungarian subsidiary is fully integrated into the European network.

Although few people speak the Hungarian language worldwide, for Climalife it is important that our customers can get product information in their own mother tongue.

 Ready-to-use information

Climalife's aim was to make its website a tool that is practical, intuitive and easy to use. The emphasis is on service to the web user:

- Up-to-date information about old and new products and services, from which ones technical references are available;

- Access to regulations regarding the environment and the legal application of our products;

- The Ability to ask for help and information about our products and their applications.



Real-time package inventories, tracking the consumption of refrigerant & heat transfer fluids, oil analysis through the website.

Although the e-services are not available in Hungary yet, our aim is to provide all the services offered by other Climalife subsidiaries to our Hungarian customers as soon as possible.


We invite you to discover this new version on our website.


Author : Enikő Beke

Date : 30th March 2009