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F-Gas Solutions: The mobile app for everyone!
Refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating and renewable energy professionals - be sure to choose the right refrigerant according to F-Gas regulation 517/2014.

In 2014, our industry is once again facing the challenge of new developments, such as the end of reclaimed HCFCs and new F-Gas regulations. The experience acquired by Climalife from within the Dehon Group and its 140 years' experience, is here to help you to choose the solutions for tomorrow with its comprehensive product range and the launch of "F-Gas Solutions".

F-Gas Solutions is a smartphone app developed by Climalife, offering professionals in the fields of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and renewable energy, simple and user-friendly assistance in dealing with the new European regulation 517/2014 or "F-Gas II" that comes into force on 1 January 2015.

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Climalife Contact N°7 has just been published!
Announcing the new Climalife mobile app "F-Gas Solutions".

Plus useful articles and case studies covering leak detection, lubricants, commercial cooling and refrigerated transport.

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The Dehon Group celebrates 140 years' experience in the distribution of refrigerants
The story of the Dehon Group is first and foremost a story of Cooling systems, currently represented by our Climalife entity.

At Chillventa, a birthday cocktail event was organised to celebrate 140 years in a friendly atmosphere and to thank customers, suppliers and partners for the confidence they have shown us for many years.

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   Case study

Precision Refrigeration embrace new low GWP solutions & offer R-1234ze in all new refrigerator models

This year, UK refrigeration manufacturer, Precision, have been making big step changes within their sector, continuing to demonstrate their commitment to offering products that protect the environment.
Following extensive tests, Precision have become the first to offer the very low GWP refrigerant R-1234ze as an option across its refrigerated storage range, from under counter cabinets to blast chillers.

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New Climalife Corporate Video launched

"At Climalife - innovation is what drives us. Being able to help our customers improve is an essential condition of the development and the sustainability of our business."

In the brand new corporate video Climalife talk about their sustainable, targeted solutions which are tailored to individual markets, their commitment to quality and international distribution network.

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