Climalife Galco : your season supplier !



Dear customers & distributors,
In the next weeks several regions in the world start to work on there purchase and sales programme for the coming season. We, Climalife Galco, want to assist you in your international business with changing technologies and expanding economies in your region; you've come to the right place.

This year I can't imagine a more exciting time for the refrigerants trade business. The opportunities for exporting and importing are so impacted by new environmental regulations like EU legislation F-Gas to control greenhous gases emission, impact of cancelling the US Antidumping Duty and Countervailing Duty investigations of imports restrictions R-134a from China and the Montreal Protocol that is now phasing out the remaining class of HCFCs like R-22.

Climalife can give you all what you need
  • Technology about all the existing and future products
  • General documentations shipment, licence
  • Contacts with governmental institutes and organisations like EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), FDA (Food and Drugs Administration), UNEP-UNIDO
  • Well preforming sales and administration Team
  • Suppliers who understand our Climalife brand
  • Customers that appreciate our brand
  • Establishing a solid relationship with all our stake holders and customers
  • Establishing an on going relationship with you in respect of the cultural differences
  • Climalife is committed to guarantee you outmost service in good and bad times
Our business exist to satisfy you and to build a long term relationship!

• We select for you the best possible prices, product, services
• Product specifications are guarantee and cargo inspection and certifications are available
• Offering you the best possible incoterms
• Short lead time and best possible delivery terms
• Warranties benefits on our high end goods
• Strong Trademarks with respect for Copyrights and Patents
• We offer branded products for an exclusive overseas network of distributors and this to differentiate us from competing products
• Establishing together with you market research, analysis and interpretations of your market and competitors
• We are looking forward to stimulate demand by the Promotion MIX consisting of advertising, personal selling, publicity, and sales promotion this only possible if we agreed on a clear sales budget

> The season starts how can our company help you in your purchase process



Climalife Galco will be present, as each year, at the World's Largest HVAC Event China Refrigeration 2015 in Shanghai.

We are pleased to welcome you at our Booth E3G53, from 8-10 April 2015 and are proud to present you our innovative, sustainable solutions for climate control systems.
   We hope to see you there!
The European measure on complete ban of R22 started from January 1st, 2015.

Converting a refrigeration system from R-22 to R-407A is straight forward but must be done in accordance with good refrigeration engineering practices.
Another possibility is the retrofit to a substitute. For air conditioning application R-407C,R-422D or R-427A seem to be appropriate solutions.
However, especially in the case of R-407C there is a risk of losing performance.