Climalife - an increasing number of services!

To support you on a daily basis, Climalife offers refrigerant handling and waste management services.


Climalife has a range of packages that are especially made for the recovery and transfer of all types of refrigerant.  Recovered refrigerants can be reclaimed on request (following analysis) and treated to meet the specifications of our quality standard.  These specifications guarantee that the performance of the reclaimed product will be equivalent to that of a virgin product.

Analysis is always conducted by our laboratories during and after the reclamation cycle, guaranteeing the fluid's composition. Climalife also helps you manage the waste produced by climate control installations, recovery cylinders are available for oil, heat transfer fluids and cleaning solvents.

We can also offer on-site services to meet specific problems:  accessibility of the installation, large volumes, an occasional lack of resources etc.

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