Climalife adds a vegetable derived product to its Heat Transfer Fluid range

Climalife is on the Greenway®!

The aim is to offer a new alternative range  to our fossil based MPG ready-to-use range.

Greenway® therefore has the same versions but with their own specific advantages:

 - Greenway® : Can be used in many heating applications and has low viscosity at low temperatures for refrigeration.

 - Greenway® Solar : very low degradation at high temperature

 - Greenway® Heat Pump: efficiently transfers heat while minimizing the risk of ground pollution in the event of a leak.

Greenway® at a glance:

A heat transfer medium:

 - To suit renewable energy objectives

 - With a biodegradable raw material derived from a renewable vegetable resource (non alimentary corn)

 - Without any toxic additives (no borax, nitrate, phosphate or amine)

 - Anticorrosive technology based on organic long lasting inhibitors

 - A low ecological footprint in production: 40% less CO2 emissions and 40% less energy than that of traditional MPG

 - Greenway® is the only BIO Heat Transfer Fluid formula agreed by French Health Ministry for sanitary hot water production by simple exchange.


Suitable for :

 - underfloor heating, sprinkler and central heating systems

 - air conditioning and refrigeration (freezing point : -30°C)

 Its viscosity is 3 times lower than MPG at -20°C so it brings: 

 - Less required flow rate

 - Increased flow rates

 - Reduced pump size

 - Energy savings to achieve the desired performance

 Pumping energy requirements:

14 times less energy for Greenway® compared to MPG at -30 ° C and 3 times less at -10° C.
4 times more energy for Greenway® compared to MEG (labelled as harmful) at -30 ° C.

Greenway® Solar:

Suitable for: thermal solar systems (panels or vacuum tubes)

Greenway® Solar degradation is 4 times lower than MPG at 150°C so it allows:

 - Reduced degradability when operating at high temperatures 

 - Better control of corrosion

 - Solar panels will have less sludge build up

 - Increased lifespan and long lasting efficiency

For Climalife, it gives a key success factor for solar applications!

Greenway® Heat Pump:

Suitable for: ground source heat pump collectors and heating circuits of air to water heat pumps

It raises consciousness on the issue of environmental practices and habits : even though Greenway® Heat Pump is fully derived from a renewable vegetable source and offers minimal pollution compared to traditional MPG in case of a system leak, it is still to be considered as a waste and needs appropriate treatment.

So let's together support and pave the way to Greenway® and pay us a visit at Chillventa (Hall 6, Stand 330) !

Author : R. Viry