All about Greenway®

Greenway® : a step on the path of change
Climalife, a recognised specialist in the development of heat transfer fluids for more than 30 years, is firmly committed to creating solutions from organic plant-based resources.
The object of Climalife:
To provide credible and technical alternatives to petrochemical-based MEG and MPG fluids.  Thus, our R&D department has developed a range of solutions based on a 100% renewable resource.
The result:
• A range of formulas ready to meet the unique needs for refrigeration, central heating, and renewable energy systems (solar thermal etc)
• Real technical benefits 
• The only bio-sourced offer to have obtained approval from the AFSSA 
With our Greenway® range, Climalife provides our customers with a range of credible opportunities to help the environment and reduce carbon footprint.
Explore case studies from De Dietrich and CIAT, and view further information on the Greenway range: 

  • GREENWAY® -55°C

Climalife extends its offering for refrigeration applications
Looking for an innovative secondary refrigerant to optimise heat exchange?  A fluid compatible with existing materials?  A formula stable over time?  STOP ! You've found the fluid you need!
Greenway® RTU -55°C 
With lower viscosity than an MPG alternative, it offers the following benefits:
• A higher flow rate at constant cold production 
• Or a higher cold production at a lower flow rate
• Much lower charge loss (-30 to -50%)
• A substantial reduction in pump consumption
• Possible energy savings of 30-50% according to the flow regime.



Formulated for geothermal (buried sensor circuits) and aerothermal Air/Water heat pump systems
Greenway® Heat Pump offers very efficient protection against frost and gives strong protection against corrosion of commonly used metals (steel, aluminium, copper, brass, solder etc).  It prevents sludge formulation inside the circuits and clogging of buried circuits.  The raw material used, 1.3 Propanediol, comes from renewable plant-based materials, and has the advantage of considerably reducing the risk of polluting the ground or the atmosphere in the event of a system leak.

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Greenway® Solar and De Dietrich heat a sports complex using solar power!

Since May 2011 De Dietrich trusted Greenway® Solar for all collecting solar installations thanks to its ability to deliver the high temperatures reached during the summer period and avoid possible degradation when a MPG fluid is used.

The degradation levels of Greenway® Solar are four times lower at temperatures of 150C, allowing De Dietrich to supply systems with lower maintenance costs which are much more resitant to the high stresses they undergo.  A guarantee of quality and performance for its customers and a pledge of confidence for Climalife!
And to add to your offering to your customers, Greenway® Solar is now available in -25°C !
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