ACITEST UNIPRO, the universal analysis method for refrigeration oils


For refrigeration oil acidity tests under annual or periodic maintenance: the assurance of immediately finding out on-site whether your installation is in good shape.

Lubrication is one of the main factors in the smooth running and service life of an installation.

Objectives of Acitest UNIPRO :
Facilitate servicing operation diagnostic,
Improve the safety and productivity of installations by reducing the number of potential breakdowns.

The advantages of Acitest UNIPRO :

- Within seconds, a valuable, accurate diagnostic through a visual colour indication (OK, Threshold, Acidic) enables you to take the necessary steps to prevent a breakdown, which by definition would be more costly.

- A new formulation which means you need a single product regardless of the refrigeration oil contained in the installation: mineral (MN), alkylbenzene (AB), polyalphaolefin (PAO) and polyolester (POE).

- Genuine measurement precision, since to use Acitest UNIPRO you do not need the oil's TAN*, which operators on-site do not generally know, and which is provided with a margin of error by the oil manufacturer.
*Total Acid Number

Acitest UNIPRO is free from substances harmful to humans:

- Expiry date extended to 2 years, ideal for stock management!
- Product entirely studied and developed by the Climalife R&D laboratory.