A new range of borax free heat transfer fluids / secondary refrigerants!


























Climalife is launching a new range of heat transfer fluids / secondary refrigerants!

Climalife is extending its coverage of product requirements: from refrigeration to heating, including renewable energy.

Climalife applies the principle of precaution for the sake of your health:
Borax, recently classified as toxic by European Directive 2005/58/EC and by the European Chemicals Agency, was contained in all our glycol-based formulae at a broadly low level (2% compared to 8.5%). Climalife has taken the precaution of discontinuing its use. Climalife is thereby one step ahead of the regulations in terms of concern for the health of its users.

A new pack of long-lasting corrosion inhibitors:
Now organic and borax-free, our inhibitors have two major benefits: a longer lifespan and improved heat exchange (no film-forming effect).

A complete range which delivers and puts your mind at rest:
- Our monopropylene glycol-based formulae - Friogel® Neo, Neutraguard® Neo and Solufluid® - as well as the Greenway®range - have all been approved by the Ministry of Health.
- Complete miscibility with previous formulae, which is beneficial when you want to boost your system (i.e. top it up with glycol)!
- Brands that you are familiar with - Friogel®, Neutragel® and Neutraguard® - will now include the term Neo.
- Heliogel CS80 has been replaced by a dedicated ready-to-use range: Solufluid®, Solufluid® Heat Pump and Solufluid® Solar.

Get started with Greenway® the new bio range:
This ready-to-use range has three major advantages:
- very low degradation at high temperatures,
- good viscosity at low temperatures, making it easier to pump than MPG and close to that of MEG,
- environmental benefits, naturally!

We are eager to demonstrate the properties of these products to you and all our teams are here to help should you have any questions..

The Climalife Marketing Team