23 September 2014: Only 100 Days until the end of R-22. Are you ready?



With just 100 days to go until a service and maintenance ban takes effect, that applies to the use of R-22 and HCFC blends, are you ready?

Are you prepared and have you made plans for any system still running on HCFCs?

Systems containing R-22 can continue to be run after 1st January 2015, however no service or maintenance work, which involves putting refrigerant into the system, is allowed.


It's not too late to plan ahead.


Do not put cooling from your system at risk.

Climalife can offer the right replacement refrigerant for your system, the application and the conditions at which it operates.  As well as advice on the best solution for you, we can offer thermodynamic modelling and technical advice so you make the right choice.


It's not too late, our Customer Service team will be happy to discuss any specific requests you may have for on-site recovery, waste management or alternative refrigerants.  Please contact your sales representative for more information.

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